embrace the process

Try using acrylic paint on your rubber stamps, but take the time to clean them afterward, or they’ll be ruined when you go to use them with an ink pad. This pear stamp worked well with Artist’s Loft Acrylic in Neon Green.  Just brush it on and press it down gently. After this dried, I stenciled sloppily with Artist’s Loft Neon Purple on my fingertip to finish the page.  Ready for journaling!

2 thoughts on “embrace the process

  1. I have a big one that is a lot of hatch marks in it that I love to use in paint. I use a toothbrush in it since it’s sturdy rubber but I can never get it all out. I must try Scrubbing Bubbles. I have found it bubbles out paint in the delicate ones. Do you use any cleaners?

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