Shadow. Light. Love.

Just after the sun reached the top of this morning’s amazing sky, I received DLP’s e-mail with this week’s Challenge. As the aroma of dripping coffee filled the air, I stepped into my studio to see what might happen next.

I turned my journal page to a fresh, but messy blank sheet and added a couple of sprays of Tattered Angels Rich Mocha, then Blue Raspberry. By now the coffee had finished, so I left my page for what I thought was something better.

I poured a cup, then shuffled into the dining room to sit with the birds at the feeder – they nibbled while I sipped until the pot was empty.

By the time I returned to my journal, the sun was pouring in through the shutters and onto my page as though our Lord had personally visited Art5’s leading ladies and inspired them with this week’s prompt. Indeed, “there is no shadow without the light!”

In an instant, the sun moved behind a cloud and my shadow disappeared, but not before I got this shot.  Gratefully, I turned the page and left the room Рmy page was complete.

“I will thank You for evermore; for this is Your doing. I will proclaim that Your name is good, in the presence of Your friends” (Psalm 52:11).

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