7 thoughts on “SOLD – only from the heart can you touch the sky

  1. Hello, MCL! Of course, I would. I’ve never shipped to Canada, but will find out the cost and let you know. Have you visited this listing on my Etsy shop? Thank you for writing and have a fun holiday weekend!


  2. Yes I have seen your Etsy shop and I’m always mind blown by your art. I can tell that you use art as prayer and that really inspires me. Keep up the good work!
    (Our holiday weekend was last week) but you have a great long weekend! Happy feast of our beloved Corpus Christi!!!!


  3. I’m so happy you enjoy my art shop! Prayer is such a joy and I’m amazed and pleased that you see it in my work. Thank you so much for your encouragement and love, and Happy Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus to you and yours too! It was a beautiful Holy Mass this morning, celebrating both God and country. I hope you had a wonderful holiday last week and I look forward to keeping in touch! I will write tomorrow with an estimate for you. Blessings!

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