hope is a waking dream…

Sketched with oil pastels and added ephemera for color.  Cut the butterfly wing from a favorite greeting card.  Created the tag using scrapbook paper and a “BEAUTIFUL” rubber stamp and tied it with torn vintage fabric.  “Hope is a waking dream” is a rub-on transfer.  [Credits: Sorry, rubber stamp and transfers are thrift shop finds…mfrs. unknown].

This hopeful girl sits on a page in my sketchbook and isn’t listed in my Etsy shop.  But all of my art is always for sale…just comment or convo me on Etsy and make an offer!  Blessings!

5 thoughts on “hope is a waking dream…

  1. Folks- this piece is awesome and I believe that oil pastel media is one of Elizabeth’s best. The quiet moment and innocence is captured and…stunning!

    We can only expect Elizabeth’s work to evolve and improve over time. She is an accomplished artist and recently twice published by Stampington magazines.

    Sent from my iPhone Michael T Tichvon


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    1. Liz- the girl – who is she? You have made her come alive. When I look at her she makes me smile – just as you do! God’s blessings on you dear friend! You are an all-around talent!

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      1. I am the nameless comment! I got so excited to tell you how the girl and your work makes me feel, I forgot to give my name!

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