Lent isn’t just a time to be sorry for our sins; to repent and begin again.  It’s a time of Love.  Jesus suffered greatly and died out of Love for each of us.  Each one!

I want to love Him back.  This canvas is for Him.  Blessed be Jesus, true God and true man.  e.

Jesus is condemned to die
Jesus is made to carry His Cross
Jesus falls the first time
Jesus sees His sorrowful Mother
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His Cross
Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus
Jesus falls the second time
Jesus speaks to the weeping women
Jesus falls the third time
Jesus is stripped of His clothing
Jesus is nailed to the Cross
Jesus is lifted up on the Cross and dies
Jesus is taken down from the Cross
Jesus is laid in the tomb

We praise you oh Lord and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.