“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and be that perfectly.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Hello artists!

Here’s an example of how wonderful it is to save your drip papers.  This Angel of Individuality is wearing my newspaper scrap as her dress, which I think looks smashing!  What do you think?

This canvas is for a friend who fell in love with this little piece of drip paper while in my studio yesterday.  Custom orders come to me in the most delightful ways, so thank you, creative friend!  ❤

“Oh, how sweet to the soul is holy prayer.”

I love the Saints, especially Catherine of Siena.  This is an excerpt from one of her writings in Volume 3 of “Sermon in a Sentence.”

St. Catherine was so graced; she inspired me to create this joyful herald!  I’m not quite finished with her, but the message is clear:  taking time for God brings us to the present where He resides, allowing us to experience a bit of His amazing Heaven.  e.